China International Supply Chain Expo



Greetings to all! I'm Linky (known as Lian Ke in Chinese), 

and I proudly serve as the mascot for the first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE).

In this age of economic globalization, the international supply chain has transformed our world into an intricate puzzle, weaving us together in an intricate tapestry. This unity forms a global community, where we all share a collective destiny on this very planet.


My creation draws inspiration from the puzzle imagery that symbolizes the supply chain itself. I am constructed from three fundamental geometric shapes: circles, squares, and triangles, each carrying its own significance. Among these, the circle embodies interconnectedness and expansion, the square represents the distinctiveness of individuals, and the triangle stands for the stability and security inherent in industrial and supply chain realms.


I not only hold profound symbolism but also boast a captivating visual appeal. Sporting lively and endearing facial features, I exude an aura of intimacy and warmth. The design, resembling that of a robotic figure with movements reminiscent of a rocket's flight, imparts a powerful essence of technology and futurism. Furthermore, I am capable of touchless interactions with a diverse array of objects, impeccably aligning with the overarching theme of the Chain Expo: "Connecting the World for a Shared Future."


My name, Lian Ke, carries a deep significance. "Lian" aptly signifies the links within the supply chain, while "Ke" refers to Kr, a chemical element known for emitting light. My English name, Linky, unmistakably captures the notion of linking. This name underscores the aspiration to propel the interconnectivity of the supply chain through the inaugural CISCE, steering us toward a radiant future characterized by Chinese modernization and global prosperity.


Now, with this introduction, I believe you have gained a comprehensive understanding of me. As the mascot of the first Chain Expo, I bear a substantial responsibility and aspire for this grand event to achieve resounding success. I am resolute in fulfilling this role, striving to become a welcoming ambassador for cross-border business exchange and collaboration, as well as a luminary presence for the international guests congregating in Beijing. I am dedicated to infusing vitality and brilliance into the highly anticipated first CISCE!