China International Supply Chain Expo

2023.11.28 - 12.2 China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Venue) , Beijing

Charmbird Technology: Optimizing and Upgrading the Supply Chain at the China International Supply Chain Expo

Source:China Trade News Release time:2023-10-23

The first China International Supply Chain Expo (referred to as CISCE) will be held from November 28 to December 2 this year at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing (Shunyi Hall). Shenzhen Charmbird Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Charmbird Technology) plans to seize this opportunity to gain customers, foster development, and secure the future.

CISCE has a unique appeal”, said a person in charge of Charmbird Technology in a recent interview with a journalist from China Trade News. Charmbird Technology’s interest in CISCE stems from its unique theme. CISCE, with “chain” as its theme, directly conveys the core message of the exhibition, reflecting the concept of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” in organizing the event. CISCE energizes the supply chains for Chinese enterprises, attracting the attention of companies like Charmbird Technology.

CISCE’s Digital Technology Chain will showcase cutting-edge digital technologies, relevant industry technology energization solutions, and application products, highlighting the key elements and key areas of the digital economy. Regarding this, a person in charge of Charmbird Technology stated that it aligns well with Charmbird Technology’s product philosophy.

“Charmbird Technology is an innovative brand that focuses on the mobile intelligent karaoke sector, with a mission to enhance the singing experience for people and advocate ‘enabling everyone to enjoy the singing experience and fun brought by technological innovation’”, a person in charge said. Since its founding in 2012, Charmbird Technology has been deeply involved in the research and development of mobile karaoke hardware, introducing new product categories in the industry such as “mobile karaoke microphones”, “car karaoke microphones”, “audio microphones” and “live-streaming microphones”. These products are available on various e-commerce platforms, including Tmall, JD, and TikTok, serving a large community of singing enthusiasts.

person in charge of Charmbird Technology stated that the Company plans to demonstrate the application of its products in various life scenarios, showcasing the new experiences and significance that technology brings to life. Charmbird Technology will use the exhibition to attract visitors, both domestically and internationally, to enhance their understanding of innovative technology and their desire for a better life, and invite the audience to participate in communications and interactions.

“We hope to connect domestic and international customer needs at the exhibition and provide win-win solutions that meet customer requirements”, the person in charge said.

“We believe that connections are never one-way.”, the person in charge said, “CISCE is not only an opportunity to promote the supply chain externally but also an opportunity to take root and conduct optimization internally”. He emphasized that with the improvement of the domestic supply chain, internal competition is becoming more intense. Therefore, connecting externally is an inevitable direction for business development.

“To truly establish connections, companies need to have international quality, level and vision”, the person in charge said, to achieve this, it requires joint efforts from all parties within the country to continuously optimize and upgrade the supply chain, allowing domestic consumers to enjoy more of the supply chain achievements of Chinese enterprises with international level”.

The person in charge mentioned that deep roots make for a stable tree. As a company, it is essential to actively take the role and responsibilities of being a “chain master” and work on internal and external connections in its supply chain links. To be specific, internally, we should promote the establishment of communication and coordination mechanisms, driving continuous research and reinforcement of the upstream supply chain; externally, we should leverage various windows such as exhibitions, platforms, and government activities, embrace and connect with foreign companies, and identify accurately the cooperation demands, exploring more opportunities for cooperation and mutual benefits.

“The deeper the embrace gets, the more stable the cooperation is, said the person in charge of Charmbird Technology, who looked forward to meeting more friends during the first CISCE.