China International Supply Chain Expo


Advanced Manufacturing


Showcase the entire industrial chain of global advanced manufacturing, ranging from front-end R&D and design, application of new materials and processing of key components to intelligent manufacturing.

Layout and Exhibitors(Draft)


Industry professionals engaged in advanced manufacturing, knowledgeable about the latest technologies, products, and solutions in research and development design, new material applications, intelligent manufacturing, and advanced equipment, in order to enhance the competitiveness and production efficiency of enterprises.

Management personnel of advanced manufacturing enterprises, in order to understand industry trends and the latest developments of competitors, seek partners, purchase advanced equipment, and introduce new technologies to promote enterprise development and innovation.

Professionals in the new materials industry, they pay attention to the application of advanced manufacturing in the field of new materials , in order to understand the latest material technologies and market trends.

Professionals in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and automation, familiar with the latest technological developments and application cases.

Investors and industry analysts, interested in the development prospects of the advanced manufacturing industry, in order to obtain industry information, seek investment opportunities, and evaluate enterprise value.

Students and academic professionals, interested in the field of advanced manufacturing, in order to learn about the latest technologies and research progress in the industry, seek internships, employment opportunities, or engage in academic exchanges and collaborations.

Relevant government agencies and industry associations, etc;

Relevant international organizations, business associations, etc.

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